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I Was Raised in Babylon mp3 indir

: I Was Raised in Babylon
: 110 indirme.
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: 12 Ağustos 2017 Cumartesi günü eklendi.

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Yusuf İslam / I Was Raised in Babylon Yorumları.
  1. DS


  2. farouk black

    This IS to good good: show me where does it Say : playing music IS forbiden in islam? People liké u shoud not open their Mouthe,unless you know,usuf IS trying to reach yo all humans ,god has given him are gift to share ,good good u are an extremist ,people liké u shoud be blasted into space ,never to return, i am a Muslim and Proud to share whhat ever i have with m'y Christian neighbours,u are millions of miles away from being agood Muslim,carry on cat,usuf,u are a wonderful Man,thé hole community supports your great efforts to make parce on this troubled World,salam,shalom,peace

  3. Bernard Tremblay

    Is why I did sound and set up mics and stage manage and all: so I could sit in on such as this. *_gods preserve ..._*

  4. Childe Harold

    Not exactly “Peace Train” quality—preachier but with much better guitar!

  5. The Sufi M.D

    Beautiful islamic message.

  6. Ivory Khan

    Is that Richard Thompson playing with Cat? Whoa, it is! Fantastic!

  7. Judy Brown

    I love this song, very enlightening. It is not your responsibility to teach and guide us, but you do it so graciously, Thank you.

  8. Claire McCallum

    I lOVE IT! :)

  9. julianoberquo

    I was raised listening to Cat Stevens down here in Brazil. Great artist and human being still. Cheers!


    I was raised in Babylon Our priests taught us how to worship the sun Wo! Where did we go wrong? They used to call us civilised – but those days are gone I came to guard the Pharaoh Bring him wine and women Oh Lord! Where is he now? We used call him the highest – till the wave took him down I was born in the Holy Land They told me it was by God’s command Wo! Where are the others from? I thought that we were the chosen – I must’ve been wrong I loved to march with the Sultan And his diamond turban Oh Lord! Then the world took hold Let go of the rope of God – for a handful of gold I used to serve the Empire On which the sun set, never Oh! Now times have turned We thought our white skins would save us – then we got burned



  12. Sweet Melissa


  13. irfan çelik

    this is pure beauty

  14. Clinica Veterinaria Uno Mas

    Absolutelly amazing that quiet sound that breaks you inside with Those lyrics

  15. aido

    This album is so hard to find,can’t get it on Spotify and there’s one record for sale on amazon..listened to the whole thing on YouTube and it’s fuckin amazeballs..if anyone has any suggestions let us know thanks

  16. Endang Proboretno

    Always sounds beautiful.

  17. Aminah J #DYO


  18. Susan Shawn

    These two together, my God! Inspired to go hear Richard in Portland shortly. I love this.

  19. fuok69

    That is totally awesome,2 of my favorites playing together,great tune !

  20. Tom Powell OFFICIAL

    Still sounding sweet Yusuf. Awesome playing.

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