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Hard Headed Woman mp3 indir

: Hard Headed Woman
: 115 indirme.
Haftalık Hit
: 1 Haftalık indirme.
: 3.47 MB
: 12 Ağustos 2017 Cumartesi günü eklendi.

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Yusuf İslam / Hard Headed Woman Yorumları.
  1. Aganazee

    So handsome

  2. Carolann Cannuli-Denton


  3. eaglechas

    Love me some Cat Stevens

  4. OH_I _Will

    Love all the varying versions over the 70’s but the Majick (so) Tour rendition is my FAV...

  5. rosita veronik

    Yusus gracias por tu música. Esperamos los chilenos verte en un concierto en Estadio Nacional. Todos quienes amamos tu música tenemos la esperanza de volver a disfrutar de tu hrrmosa música que nos hace recordar nuestra humilde infancia.

  6. Bax71 Bax71

    Cat Stevens forever?????????????????

  7. Susana Silva

    I'm a hard-headed woman. I love Yusuf / Cat . From Brazil

  8. Marco antonio Rodriguez

    Unas de tantas de mis favoritas!

  9. bartalinigibb

    Sensational and eternal.

  10. Brett Koeshall

    Cat Stevens back in 1970 at the Beat Club.

  11. Carlo Guerra

    Il Migliore!... The Best. Thank You for living in our same Age! TY Cat, Yusuf.

  12. Sandra Kral

    There is nothing on this earth that sounds as beautiful as your voice to me or as sweet as your acoustic guitar.

  13. Manuel Joga

    Always you....

  14. Kent Walker

    Clear and crisp-every beat, every note...

  15. Sid The Geek

    When a person is Sad he finds meaning in words when he is happy he just listens to music. this song is full of wisdom! if you understand it the music becomes lovely too

  16. Ella Southportfair

    one of the Best videos i ever saw of Cat Stevens sing this brilliant song..i give it my stamp of approval......Meowwwwwww

  17. GoldenLightChannel

    You’re amazing... your beautiful voice and melodies have infused all of our lives with bliss, happiness, and joy... thank you for your beautiful music and for being with us all. ?✨??

  18. Sandra Kral

    One that will make you do your best... an amazing voice with delicious and beautiful high notes. I hope one day we will hear you sing this fantastic song again. You always take my breath away.

  19. Mliani Youns

    yusuf *

  20. Thomas Bucket

    I’d commented yesterday that they should put up some early beat club performances and now spookily they have.

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