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Gold Digger mp3 indir

: Gold Digger
: 246 indirme.
Haftalık Hit
: 0 Haftalık indirme.
: 4.20 MB
: 12 Ağustos 2017 Cumartesi günü eklendi.

10 üzerinden 9 puan. 2 kişi puan verdi.

Rating: 9 out of 10
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Yusuf İslam / Gold Digger Yorumları.
  1. Matthias Paddeo

    Good blues. Cat is one of the best. Love the new stuff.

  2. solange loe-sack-sioe

    Wow!!! That is wild!!! You go Yusuf!!! Love it!!!❤️

  3. miguel teixido

    La vuelta a la musica de Cat/yusuf Stevens es una gran alegria desde 2006 con albumes al nivel clasico.este actual es buenisimo.



  5. feedwinnie

    ? &⚡??

  6. saiful baharuddin mohd bahari

    i love the soul

  7. Manuel Joga

    Come to Spain... Please...

  8. Cat Perez

    2018 ?

  9. Madeline Goodall

    This is such a powerful performance of a song that had to be written.

  10. Madeline Goodall

    Thank you for putting out the original video of Gold Digger What an amazing song, the lyrics are so true. This is my favourite track on the album Tell 'Em I'm gone

  11. Sandra Kral

    Love those electric blues.... Gold diggers and blood diamonds a story that needs to be told and you do it beautifully through song.

  12. Sandra Kral

    WOW !! .. this is fantastic !! .. I will never forget hearing you sing this in Boston 2014..on the Peace Train Late again tour !! Thank you for coming back to the USA Yusuf...

  13. mehlika ayyüzlü

    My favourite from this lp

  14. Robert M

    The Cat is back! He raised me .. listening to my parents' records as a kid.. as I was playing around the house. Thank you Yusuf.

  15. Super Sleuth

    I love the revival of the messages that I was first hearing in the late 60’s and all through the 70’s. It’s a second awakening.

  16. yassine Draoui

    Loooooove it

  17. Jamie Mcg

    First ?

  18. cat fan54

    THIS is one fine album from yusuf,my alltime favorite artist....

  19. Mary Hubbs

    Not a bad little jam. Watch out Dane Drewis Band. The Cat has one on you guys!

  20. swine flew

    best song on the new album.....the CAT is BACK!

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