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Editing Floor Blues mp3 indir

: Editing Floor Blues
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: 12 Ağustos 2017 Cumartesi günü eklendi.

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Yusuf İslam / Editing Floor Blues Yorumları.

    I was born in the West-End In the summer of ’48 Above a small Cafe Some people liked to come there and call it night But for me it was all day Oh! Now the dogs keep a-growlin’ Round my front door And the Truth howled out from the editing floor Years went by Quarrymen came along This boy became a star Then he dropped – but got up again With a Black Everly guitar Then he searched along the road A good song he was looking for And the Truth sang out from the editing floor Big brother took a trip As bold as he could be To the place, he heard, Where the good Prophets used to walk High above this dark world Then the Word came down And the little brother saw How the Truth was buried on the editing floor One day the papers rang us up, T’check if I said this? I said, “Oh boy! I’d never say that!” Then we got down to the truth of it But they never printed that! Just like Socrates, the man from Greece Fell down on his knees Said, Lord! Forgive them please Forgive them please And he spoke no more And the cup spilled out on the editing floor

  2. omar bush

    Great as the old days

  3. Sandra Kral

    How the Truth was buried on the editor's floor , amazing how they cut the truth right out .. so sorry Yusuf.. but a great song was written so the truth was told after all.. truth has a way of finding a way to be told and your songs always tell the story. Thank you

  4. Eyup Nail

    People must know these masterpiece works of Cat's.

  5. Eleni Nicolaou

    Beautiful.. beautiful concert - performance - expression.  I love this mans' songs... and.. they mean so much to me.  ++  (Well done friend - it is good that you did this - good to hear you again). +

  6. Jason Lee


  7. Analia S Monteiro

    amo. ?✌

  8. Analia S Monteiro

    Obrigada! Adorei. ?

  9. Far East

    This is why he converted to islam.. quran.com

  10. Abdeltif KASSOUI

    chanteur des belles souvenires et moments heureux

  11. Abdeltif KASSOUI

    mon meilleur et cool singer think you mon cat stevenws

  12. John Maz

    whoever disliked this is the terrorist. this is amazing. peace and love!

  13. Joey Cricket 5 Stelle

    Io c'ero!

  14. Sandra Kral

    Brings back so many memories of his tour.. that whistle at the beginning and seeing him walk through the station door..I will never forget

  15. Ella Southportfair

    sad thing is  he realy is tied with a ball and chain...... not a joke  realy...Poor Yusuf /CAT ... (c'mon it's freedom calling Yusuf /Cat   )

  16. vanhoser

    i knew this wonderful man couldnt stay away from singing, its his true calling.  With that magic voice and wonderful song writing

  17. Emanuel Kovac

    My favorit singer CAT STEVENS,beautiful

  18. Shirl Derifield

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful concert....

  19. stareeagle

    This is an amazing setlist, and very impressive that Yusuf would perform so many songs for almost 2 hours.  Also, fantastic that you were able to videotape the whole thing without getting in trouble.  Pretty good sound quality, too!  Thank you!

  20. cat fan54

    ha! dude, you wouldnt know autotune if it hit you in your face,thers NO autotune,too FUNNY!

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