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Dream on mp3 indir

: Dream on
: 301 indirme.
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: 12 Ağustos 2017 Cumartesi günü eklendi.

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Yusuf İslam / Dream on Yorumları.
  1. karl Hurst

    This song always reminds me of my grandad giving me life lessons when I was younger to become a man. With him passing there are still so many questions I need advice with.

  2. Shayne Porath

    Happens to the best of em !!!

  3. Shayne Porath

    Sold out to Allah ( Satan ) What a foolish man !

  4. kevin caceres

    La seña de internet bale callamps pera escuchar buena musica. Perdon si los que vivimos en la montaña tambien sabemos de l a buena musica Antuco.

  5. Star B


  6. selina tolson

    love it

  7. michele goudie

    My partner met his son just 4yrs ago when he was just 18. His name is Takis. He is 22 now n my partner Jim just visited him in Hawai for 2wks. This song dedicated to Jimmy n Takis Love Michele xo

  8. AMR School of Thought

    I've been in son situation, and now I'm a father of three sons... My favorite phrase to them: "Why think of everything you've got, for you will still be tomorrow, but your dreams may not..." Thank you for this beautiful music and the brilliant lyric, Yusuf...

  9. Nicholas Critchlow

    It has taken time..but happy Christmas Dad...

  10. Gerda le Roux

    When I met my husband we always listened to these beautiful songs, it brings back beautiful sweet memories.

  11. Muhammed Bayraktar

    A wonderful song, you can understand the text easily and it's so true. Great song

  12. Rohan's Wife

    What a talent, a voice, a rythme ... ! So amazing?????

  13. Iris Sowada


  14. Iris Sowada

    Hammer Musik. Einfach nur geil.

  15. nada mirai

    Salam. What a beautiful song and voice. Please sing more songs like this. The world need you. You make a change

  16. Roger H Werner

    I first heard this when I was 20. I'm early 70 today, and my wife died 4 years ago. My parents are passed 20 years past, and my children are grown. I have 5 grandchildren. I can't begin to explain the effect this song has had on me over the years, but especially today. Sadness always but a lot more. Can't put it into words.

  17. prisoneroftech

    Compare the music and lyrics of this song to the crap and garbage they shove down our throats through the radio and internet.Tells you how far society has been corrupted.

  18. Dan Heather

    He was 21 --- (TWENTY ONE) years old when he wrote this song. Some people are Bestowed with Wisdom at an early age.

  19. Lou Curelop

    I am 57 years old and I use to have the biggest crush on Cat Stevens. His posters covered my bedroom walls, I listen to Tea and the Tillerman over and over again. His voice and music soothes my soul. Much love to you sir and I thank you for your gift of music.

  20. Imango Habanero

    this is Beauty !!!!!!!!!!!!

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