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Doors mp3 indir

: Doors
: 248 indirme.
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: 12 Ağustos 2017 Cumartesi günü eklendi.

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Yusuf İslam / Doors Yorumları.
  1. Diana Spy

    I pray for him every time I hear his songs. Why change your name? Messed up.

  2. Amir maharaj

    Spreading a message of love ?

  3. me cooper1

    Gorgeous as usual, LOVE & PEACE CAT ✌❤

  4. Sandra Kral

    It brings tears to my eyes still, and I remember how I felt when I first heard this amazing song, how it bought me comfort and hope.

  5. Sandra Kral

    This song helped me to venture out after a heartbreak in 2014. I listened to it over and over again, it gave me courage, and by some beautiful miricale I found myself in Boston listening to you sing it live. Thank you Yusuf.

  6. Super Sleuth

    Having grown up listening you and playing along with your albums, getting to watch you in live performances now (even prerecorded) is like being back in those days when parts of the population were getting a different message then the ones the Government propaganda were pushing to support war. A direction toward peace, higher states of consciousness and deeper spirituality. Thanks for always being there to remind us.

  7. PS

    Even on a cloudy day, the Sun is shining somewhere!

  8. john p

    Still got the voice yusuf how I loved your music from the 70s brings back many memories for me and you still absolutely awesome

  9. Ella Southportfair

    so many doors that open and close is ones life....... always wonder what will be behind the next door

  10. juicy420jam

    Will always welcome any Yusuf. You put my head in the right place.

  11. Noor Hussain Manik


  12. Nejm S


  13. Evi Purwanti

    I Love you.. ?

  14. Amany Ahmed


  15. Cesar Bastos


  16. Joyce Hoffmann

    My much needed daily dose of The Cat/Yusuf.

  17. Li Raven


  18. Jamie Mcg

    First ??

  19. Nurten Kaya

    Çok çok çok seviyorum

  20. eftelya bundy

    Türkiye'den selamlar abi?????????

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