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Be What You Must mp3 indir

: Be What You Must
: 100 indirme.
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: 3 Haftalık indirme.
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: 12 Ağustos 2017 Cumartesi günü eklendi.

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Yusuf İslam / Be What You Must Yorumları.

    The intro of " SITTING" CREATIVE CAT ???

  2. Amany Ahmed

    Beautiful and impressive specially the children choar ???

  3. Odeon's Dream Journal

    my funeral song


    The riddim of the beginning of the song sounds like one of his old work songs , UT's called' Sitting'...I guess .

  5. Analia Kendrick


  6. sheri solomon

    I have journeyed endless nights Seen many harbors where I took rest a while On this boat court near and far To be what you must you must give up what you are Only on a wind of hope my heart sailed Craving mystic oceans to arrive Those who do not leave and choose to stay Barley survive Be a dust or be a star To be what you must just reach out for what you are And though you travel many worlds There's but one way and that's the one you chose

  7. Sandra Kral

    A Beautiful song ." Only on a wind of hope my heart sails., braving mystic oceans to arrive.. Those who do not leave and choose to stay ..barely survive ".. When I hear this song I think of the refugees and their long hard journey to saftey...God be with them all... Bless you Yusuf / Cat Stevens

  8. Cisco Saeed

    Be a dust or be a star..amazing words as always by Yusuf :)

  9. Steve Bell

    His voice now doesn't have the same vibrancy it had in the 70s.

  10. benchaud

    beiBeing a younger (ish) person i never heard of cat Stevens but did hear his old songs not knowing who the artist was, then i saw the porchester hall show a few years back on the bbc and since then i have been hooked on his music and his voice. An other cup was superb. Top bloke! His voice has mellowed over the years

  11. rafis suzein b. ismail Ismail

    assalamualaikum, yusof got a powerful song. Why ? Because the strong emotion has in that song. I am Malay. My citizenship is malaysia. I bought the album, my son love it. They learned english... they keep on singing your song. they score english language subject at school. Thank you yusof.

  12. kelefeh

    drawing inspired by this song - see "mystic oceans" in the gallery at kelefeh(dot)deviantart(dot)com

  13. garniful

    love him just hes a legend

  14. Eve Roa

    Oh, this is the most beautiful song ever!

  15. SachaTheEvilOne

    of course when you think of Yusuf/Cat Stevens you think of the fact that Yusuf can never top his former self... That isn't so just listen to Roadsinger album an than you realize he already topped his former self. Only There is now way to see it because people stopped believing in real music an began believing in disgusting figures like lady gaga. If Yusuf was an other person who lived in the 70's an brought out Roadsinger, he would have toppen albums like teaser and the Firecat.

  16. BernietheShredder

    Indeed...loving how this seems to be the continuation/finale of Sitting in many ways...it lyrically follws so nicely (and musically as well) :D

  17. wuzcloopin

    Sampling his own songs....nice.

  18. Bukkarooo

    I believe there's a bit of Peace Train at the end of Boots and Sand, too. Gotta love it.

  19. Ahmad Lutfi

    subhaanallah..makin tua makin jadi...mantaps! dah 2 thumbs up!!!! salam for u Sir Yusuf...

  20. SuperMiguelin

    very nice.

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