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All Kinds of Roses mp3 indir

: All Kinds of Roses
: 108 indirme.
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: 2.57 MB
: 12 Ağustos 2017 Cumartesi günü eklendi.

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Yusuf İslam / All Kinds of Roses Yorumları.
  1. freewheelinQ

    I hope that ONE person who has disliked this, finds something in his/her life that feels as peaceful as everyone else feel when we listen to Cat!!!

  2. solange loe-sack-sioe

    Everytime I listen to this song and look at you as you play, I feel humble and happy. I think that you are a messenger of God in a way. You bring peace and happiness in my mind and I thank you for that.

  3. solange loe-sack-sioe

    Wauw!! Love it! Beautiful voice and the guitarplay is terrific!!!!.❤️??

  4. maximilian

    Why Roadsinger album not there in Spotify? Can anybody help me?

  5. J Zero

    Nada é mais belo que o amor do nosso Deus.?

  6. Madeline Goodall

    This is such a beautiful song, sung with so much feeling by Yusuf

  7. Sandra Kral

    All kinds of faces show me their love.. together we are a beautiful bouquet of roses

  8. Clara

    Beautiful ?

  9. Sandra Kral

    Only one God has a place in my heart, I could listen forever to your voice and the sound of those beautiful strings.

  10. Sandra Kral


  11. magik knights

    LOVE this song, makes me have so many deep thoughts and feelings. I smile, cry and still hope. This man has given so much to the world by simple honesty. A goal for all people to aspire to become, just good in our hearts. Of course it helps that he is a great musician, lyricist, and has a voice that reaches deep into a persons inner core and warms the heart. May all his songs live 10 thousand years, they never get old and always will have meaning. [ dear sir, [Yusuf/cat] you have touched more people and made a difference, far more than you will ever know . thank you ]

  12. Rienke Heinen


  13. solange loe-sack-sioe

    Beautiful lyrics!!!!! So true. Love the music!! Thank you Yusuf!!!❣️❣️

  14. Andrew Nash

    I fell asleep watching YouTube and this video was in the playlist. When it played I dreamed I was at a nondenominational church and I was asked to lead the song...then I woke up and it was Yusuf. He's my favorite.

  15. Sandra Kral

    The audio is pure heaven, the sound of the strings and acoustics are clear.. so beautiful

  16. Sandra Kral

    So Beautiful... full of Love for God and for all of humanity

  17. Super Sleuth

    An ode to the diversity of life here and elsewhere in the cosmos. Great timing Sir. Your songs have held hidden messages that I truly appreciated from the early 70s to this day. ❤

  18. Sümeyra

    Keşke birgün seni canlı canlı izleyebilsem .. ? Seni seviyoruz

  19. Madeline Goodall

    I saw this concert in Sydney,it was wonderful.This is such a touchingly beautiful song from the album Roadsinger what an amazing Album. Every single track is a gem.

  20. Nurten Kaya

    Seni çok seviyorum.

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