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TurkSound / Touch it (Deep Remix) Şarkı Sözü.

TurkSound Touch it (Deep Remix) Sözleri

Touch It, Bring It, Pay It, Watch It

Turn It, Leave It, Stop, Format It

Touch It, Bring It, Pay It, Watch It

Turn It, Leave It, Stop, Format It

Oh, now you know who the God be

Back runnin' the city

And you know who the squad


Look see ain't nothin' changed

Back with the remix

With the Queens


When you see me in the spot

Better respect each other

Y'all already know where I'm rep

Ain't no reason to check it

And I know that

You ain't messing with me

Just for the record

So instead

I'mma let Mary J. Blige

Come and set it

(Get Low Mary)

Maybe you can guess

Who it is

Mary J. Blige, I'm 'bout to

Handle my biz

I'm on my grown woman

Still I rep for the kids

In every hood, and all my peoples

Doin' a bid


Now you know

Who's really the Queen, deliver the mail

Seven Hundred Thirty Thousand

First week of my sales

The haters plot and they watch

Lookin' all pale;

While I'm on a yacht, overseas

Doin' my nails

(Get Low Digga)

Now he sittin' there, lookin' stuck

He thinkin' cause he spent

A little dough, "I'm 'gon fuck."

If money ain't a thing

I'm sayin' let a chick know;

Type to empty an account

How far you willin' to go?


Now he hoppin' on the jet

He ain't wasting no time

Told me all expenses paid

Any place I could find

Hit the islands in the Winter

Trickin' all on his dime

Ain't no alpha in this world

Who is better than mine

They wanna

I'm jinglin' baby (Go Ahead 'Mami)

Don't I look charmin'

Put your lips up on me

Kiss it, touch it, good

Yes I wish you would (TURN IT UP!)

You like to see me

When I dip, baby, dip

Don't I look like I got Beyonce's hips

Lookin' like I could be Nia Long

Boy, you smokin' that

Cheech and Chong

I know what it feels like

I been gone for a minute

But I'm back

Chinchilla on with a fitted

Everybody talk money

Everybody gon' live it

That bowl of bread smaller

Than the arm


And you know I'm doin' my thing

It's blue in the ring

If you had it like this

You probably do it the same

But you won't cause you broke

All you do is complain

After the club, I'mma put a few

In the range and let 'em

Five boroughs of death

You don't understand

I got New York City

In the palm of my hand

Now I could make a tight fist

And let it crumble ridiculous

Or I could smack the world

With a New York Nemesis


I got Staten Island on my pinky

Queens on my thumb, dude

The Bronx on my middle

Finger screamin' F you

Rock Ice in Manhattan

So there's the ring finger;

You know I had to keep

Brooklyn on the trigger finger

Swizz is the monster, X is the beast;

Fuckin' with Bus, everyday is a feast

Stay off the streets

I'm tired of talkin' to y'all niggas;

I'm stickin' a fork in y'all niggas


When I hit 'em, man

That truck come get 'em, man

Roughed up how I did 'em, man

Ain't no remorse for the corpse, truth is

Can't I.D. the body, nigga toothless

As I combine all the juice from the mind

Heel up, wheel up

Bring it back, come rewind

Powerful impact, BOOM on the track

Come attack (Hey Shady!)

Guess who's back

Everybody in the place

Take a look at the face

I disappeared without a trace

He's a little high, ain't he

New year, Ooh yeah

Who's here, New gear

Full gear, Spookier. Aah Aah Aah!

I'm 'bout to scream at the top of my lungs

And I don't even know why

I'm screaming. Aah Aah Aah!

And I'm screamin' on the

Wrong part of the song

Bus, you did it again, lets turn it up more

Let's turn it up loud

Let 'em know we ain't playin'

And I don't even know

What the chorus is sayin'

(Touch It, Bring It, Babe)

Just give me the beat Bus, plus

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