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So Long mp3 indir

: So Long
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: 1 Kasım 2017 Çarşamba günü eklendi.

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  1. رانسي bts


  2. ذكريات راحله

    اني من العراق احب مساري احب الاغاني الاجنبيه وخاصتن مساري

  3. Sanam Roy

    New Engilsh


    Ahhhh excellent song

  5. Queen Sabina


  6. Saldiey Dimaampao

    Is that pia wurchback

  7. Enikő Fekete


  8. Duniyo macallin Duniyo macallin

    who's here 2019 november

  9. Фируз Зуров

    From Tanikistan ??????

  10. Irina Bandula

    Frumoasa melodia.

  11. Mariusz Draczkowski

    If You know what You want You never say so long and If You are strong You wait and discover and think and Know that nothing is wrong couse You in Your heart You ve got control.Teresa.

  12. Chaima Ghazli

    Ma chanson préférée ??? I m from Algeria ????????????????????????

  13. Hisham Aljarallah


  14. Hisham Aljarallah

    MOVE on

  15. PeaceMan07 official

    شكون لباقي كيسمع لهاد الأغنية 2019⁦♥️⁩?? يدير و حد اشتراك في القناه و شكرا جزيلا لكم ✊

  16. shahil shahil

    Super song

  17. حسينيه وافتخر حسينيه وافتخر

    مطربي المفظل يجنن الصوت

  18. حسينيه وافتخر حسينيه وافتخر


  19. Issa Youssef Issa Youssef

    Massaari 2019

  20. Issa Youssef Issa Youssef

    Massaari 2019

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Massari / So Long Şarkı Sözü.
Massari - So Long Sözleri

[verse 1]
its on my mind to sit around and thnk about it
you kno i like you so ima gonna sing about it
i put my living inside you and dream about it
and now i need your loving dont wanna be without it
day and night sittin by the damn phone
tired like you trying to bring your man home
and when i hear you crying girl i cant't call
when all you need from me is just to say close

gone away, i kno your gone away
i kno your gone away
i kno your goneeee and i dont wanna live another day
gone away i kno your gone away
how could you
gone away i kno your gone and i dont wanna live another day

[verse 2]
i tell you just to pray for me and move on
you tell me what you feel for me is too strong
and you been cryin up for me for so long
and even thou its right im feeling so wrong
and now you got me acting like i didnt kno you
im not gonna be around here so i cant control you
but i can only tell you what i wanna show you
im your love but you can find someone better for you

missed you waking up in the morning
if i can see your face i'll apoligize
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