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Sanatçı Little Mix
Albüm Not a Pop Song (2020)
Şarkı Happiness
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Tarih 17 Ekim 2020 , Cumartesi günü eklendi.
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Dancing alone in the dark, shadows all over me
You messed with my heart too long, that was a big mistake
Ooh, yeah, big mistake
Ooh, yeah
Got a smile on my face, love my reflection
In a better place, no longer stressing
Ooh, yeah
About you, yeah

And I swear I'm never gonna lose me again
Oh, oh, oh

I was searching for happiness
I was using you to fill up my loneliness
Realized from the moment I set you free
I found the love, I found the love in me (Me)
You can't rain on my happiness
Yeah, sometimes tears fall, I must confess
But now, I'm standing right where I'm meant to be
I found the love, I found the love in me

Brand new evolution of me, ever since I let you go
Finally, I'm learning things I never knew before
Ooh, yeah, never knew before
Ooh, yeah (Woah)
Remember I, I was mine before I was yours
So don't try, I'm stronger without you, yeah
Without you, yeah

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