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Sanatçı Landon Cube
Albüm Pretty (2020)
Şarkı 20
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Tarih 17 Ekim 2020 , Cumartesi günü eklendi.
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I lost my mind, I found it waiting for me out the back
Where I left my better memories at
I wanna make it right
I'm strapped for time, time pass, I ain't getting it back
We tried three times, baby, we ain't making it last
I guess it just ain't right
I lost my peace, I don't think I'll ever find it out back
Where I left my cigarette ash
I, but I'll damn sure try
Been lost for weeks, I don't know if I'm just comin' right back
Trippin 'bout some shit in the past
I guess this won't pass by

With the Phantom, going ghost in the Phantom
Tell them other lames that's hatin' stop acting so damn outlandish
Fuck all that noise, I don't really need it
'Cause no one is there when I really need 'em
Oh my lanta, living like I'm Montana
You been broke and you been hating, I never could understand it
Been around, ain't found no home
My pops was a rolling stone
Pop out, now I'm on the road

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