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Sanatçı Landon Cube
Albüm Pretty (2020)
Şarkı 18
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Tarih 17 Ekim 2020 , Cumartesi günü eklendi.
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I tell my mama that I love her, I'm still chasing this dream
But I made a bigger promise than I know I can keep
I haven't talked to shawty in weeks
Yeah, all that I've been hoping is you come to my shows so when I look into the crowd I see a little bit of home
My dad he tells me fight and go and get it on my own
While mama askin why I wanna leave her home alone, come on! come on
She wanna see the money wanna see me succeed, mom I made a million dollars then awoke from my dream
Oh, it's so oh oh oh
It's so, it's so oh oh oh
I'm just tryna be who I pictured I'd be at the age of, couple months to
Now I'm thinking that these vices could be making me weak, haven't spoke about it in weeks (I just smoked some-)
And got everybody telling me that I'm gonna…

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