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: 14 Kasım 2017 Salı günü eklendi.

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Rating: 6 out of 10
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Jennifer Lopez / Play Yorumları.
  1. Sarbjit Kaur

    This was only song l liked of jenny

  2. KH

    Milian brought me here too.. what’s interesting j-lo was singing all over the place at this time dating P Diddy and everything different styles and songs red fag ! I knew she couldn’t been this talented. And sure enough she wasn’t

  3. Nesha Chartian

    Came here searching this song after watching the real dance to it I literally thought it was christina millan singing wow or is it

  4. Dominika Politowska


  5. Antonio Rodriguez

    Yes Christina Milian this is your song you wrote

  6. Zak GRAHAM

    If this is not a fucking fraud what it is? Always thought the voice in the chorus was so different from jlo’s! Damn the bitch lipsynched the chorus with Christina vocals. And people think she didn’t sleep her way to the top aha please that’s why Mariah dislikes her ass! She is really the girl she portrayed in hustlers!

  7. Roberta Bellissima

    lol she really lip synced her ass off to this song!

  8. F S


  9. Issa

    Christina Millian feat. Jennifer Lopez - Play

  10. Nostalgia

    JLo has got one of the biggest egos in the entertainment industry that has been going unnoticed. I came here to listen to Christina Millan’s track FYI.

  11. TS D'aishia

    *cough cough* Christina Millian

  12. Jessica Hello

    I love this song! Christina Million is a great singer.

  13. Ggjx Hc

    Dansci yorumcu jennifer görmek hakkimiz

  14. Ggjx Hc

    Mustehcen jennifer gõrmek istemiyoruz

  15. Ggjx Hc

    Müstehcenlige hayir

  16. Ggjx Hc

    Müstehcenlik olmadanda yabanci klip sanatci izlenebilir

  17. Ggjx Hc

    Lutfen müstehcen sahneler sansürlensin

  18. Ggjx Hc

    Guzel sanatci çok müstehcen

  19. J P-GOKU

    I hear Christina millians voice all over this track lol jlo is a fraud

  20. gotta love summer

    Who’s here cause of “Empressive” also I can now here Cristina Millian’s voice lmao.

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