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Sanatçı Hadise
Albüm Deli Oğlan (2008)
Şarkı Prisoner
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She's the reason why you left me
Does she please you like I did? Tell me
And if she really makes you happy
Then how come that I don't feel it, heyeah

Why do you look so sad?
Are you thinking of what we had?
I know there'll come a day
You will see you were wrong in the first place

I can read it in your eyes
You don't seem satisfied
So boy it's clean to see
You just wanna get back to me

'Cause you know where the parties at
Or you know where the parties at
And I know that you can't forget
What we had, how we kissed, how you felt
So you know where the parties at
And think of all the fun we'll have
Oh, I know that you won't regret
I make clean to her that you're not her prisoner

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