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Undo It mp3 indir

: Undo It
: 27 indirme.
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: 0 Haftalık indirme.
: 2.81 MB
: 12 Şubat 2019 Salı günü eklendi.

10 üzerinden 0 puan. 0 kişi puan verdi.

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Carrie Underwood / Undo It Yorumları.
  1. joel vasquez villanueva

    October 2019!!

  2. highwaysandbyways luke1423

    Dear carrie I sure you mean well but look how you dress and parade yourself before the world. If you belong to God and are His child walk circumspectly unspotted from the world.

  3. Kelly Houlahan

    This woman is crazy... CRAZY AMAZING AND CRAZY TALENTED. Oh and don’t forget crazy beautiful. I mean, just crazy talent going on. Who can have that much talent? Not very many people, I will say that. She is so unique and powerful. I love this.? AND ALL OF HER MUSIC TOO.

  4. woolie286

    Pretty baby

  5. FlowFireFiles

    Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert cant stop listening to their songs i wonder what it would be like if they collab in a song together


    1:02 ? that guy is just standing there so casually while everyone else is having a good time

  7. joel vasquez villanueva

    She is so beautiful!!!

  8. SmokeFan2014

    Country music is dead, people. DEAD. ROCK WILL NEVER EVER DIE. #countrymusicsucks #countrymusicisdead #rockwillneverdie

  9. joel vasquez villanueva

    Steven and carrie!!!

  10. love much

    I like pop, rnb, blues, jaz, soul, but because listen carrie singing becaome i like country also

  11. Myst5555 Welt

    Fantastic Performance, I love It, Unique

  12. Skylar Walterd

    2019 and I still obsess over early 2000s Carrie Underwood music

  13. JeepStuff

    i watch this evry day it always turns me on i love this song it

  14. jack country

    goodmorning Ms. Underwood ?✔?

  15. Nathan Blant0n


  16. Nathan Blant0n


  17. Baldur D

    love her music, needs a stylist change

  18. Heather Maxey

    Why is carrie underwood mad at me

  19. Heather Maxey

    Why is carrie underwood crying

  20. Mekhi Dufresne

    I love you your the best singer I ever herd

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