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Dna mp3 indir

: Dna
: 42326 indirme.
Haftalık Hit
: 42 Haftalık indirme.
: 5.09 MB
: 26 Kasım 2017 Pazar günü eklendi.

10 üzerinden 9 puan. 477 kişi puan verdi.

Rating: 9 out of 10
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BTS / Dna Yorumları.
  1. Janeth Ayura

    Let's make impossible to be possible. ARMY we're family right? I hopefully you will help me. Str3am together ARMY. For my birthday gift.

  2. ĸiм Fαяαн

    ححجية تتذكرين الضهر لمن كلتلج وحدي بلبيت ستوهم اجو اهلي??

  3. bady bab


  4. Luana Oliveira

    Que calooor

  5. Magic Shop

    *الثقه اساس الحب ولغيره عدوه الدود ف اذا كنت تثق بمن تحب فلا مجال للغيره بينكما*

  6. alice kateson.

    Rm Jungkook Jimin Jin V J hope Suga

  7. precious bangtanies

    681,515,532 brrrrr

  8. Haruno Sakura春野サクラ


  9. Sofredora De 7 Anjos

    Vocês estão bem Armys? Depois do susto que o Jungkook deu? Eu fiquei desesperada quando minha mae me disse ai eu pesquisei mas que bom que não aconteceu nada com ele

  10. Armyzinha Fofa

    مع السلامة أنا ذاهب إلى المدرسة Vou pra escola aff tchau gente

  11. Shalanki Hazra

    I guess the vi3ws froze again. I'm seeing 861,515,532 since a long time ..or is it just on my device ?

  12. Sofredora De 7 Anjos


  13. Luana Oliveira

    Depois de muito tempo, olha eu aqui dnv

  14. Magic Shop

    م.ك وين كنتي انا كنت بحكي معك من هون بس حذفتهم بتعرفي مابحب خلي التعليقات تبعي ?

  15. شطااا قوتشي فرع تايرين


  16. vkook NA26

    شيبر ليسكوك اخ?را شيبر شفتةة بحياتيءء ?✔

  17. Jung하나

    Armyssss just keep streaming cmonnn!!!?? lets help dna reach 1000m?????

  18. style 2016

    جاري شرب القهوة ?☕ ....علي ???

  19. ĸiм Fαяαн

    اندفرت بحسابي ذاك??

  20. aing naura

    Love you big hit love you bangtan

Yorumları Göster
BTS / Dna Şarkı Sözü.
BTS - Dna Sözleri

[Verse 1]
I got, I got, I got, I got—
Loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA
Cocaine quarter piece, got war and peace inside my DNA
I got power, poison, pain and joy inside my DNA
I got hustle though, ambition flow inside my DNA
I was born like this, since one like this, immaculate conception
I transform like this, perform like this, was Yeshua new weapon
I don't contemplate, I meditate, then off your fucking head
This that put-the-kids-to-bed
This that I got, I got, I got, I got—
Realness, I just kill shit ’cause it's in my DNA
I got millions, I got riches buildin' in my DNA
I got dark, I got evil, that rot inside my DNA
I got off, I got troublesome heart inside my DNA
I just win again, then win again like Wimbledon, I serve
Yeah, that’s him again, the sound that engine in is like a bird
You see fireworks and Corvette tire skrrt the boulevard
I know how you work, I know just who you are
See, you's a, you's a, you's a—
Bitch, your hormones prolly switch inside your DNA
Problem is, all that sucker shit inside your DNA
Daddy prolly snitched, heritage inside your DNA
Backbone don't exist, born outside a jellyfish, I gauge
See, my pedigree most definitely don't tolerate the front
Shit I've been through prolly offend you, this is Paula's oldest son
I know murder, conviction
Burners, boosters, burglars, ballers, dead, redemption
Scholars, fathers dead with kids and
I wish I was fed forgiveness
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, soldier’s DNA (Soldier’s DNA)
Born inside the beast, my expertise checked out in second grade
When I was 9, on cell, motel, we didn't have nowhere to stay
At 29, I’ve done so well, hit cartwheel in my estate
And I'm gon' shine like I'm supposed to, antisocial extrovert
And excellent mean the extra work
And absentness what the fuck you heard
And pessimists never struck my nerve
And Nazareth gon’ plead his case
The reason my power's here on earth
Salute the truth, when the prophet say

[Bridge: Kendrick Lamar & Geraldo Rivera]
I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA
This is why I say that hip hop has done more damage to young African Americans than racism in recent years
I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA
I live a better life, I'm rollin' several dice, fuck your life
I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA
I live a be-, fuck your life
5, 4, 3, 2, 1
This is my heritage, all I'm inheritin'
Money and power, the maker of marriages

[Verse 2]
Tell me somethin'
You mothafuckas can't tell me nothin'
I'd rather die than to listen to you
My DNA not for imitation
Your DNA an abomination
This how it is when you in the Matrix
Dodgin' bullets, reapin' what you sow
And stackin' up the footage, livin' on the go
And sleepin' in a villa
Sippin' from a Grammy, walkin' in the buildin'
Diamond in the ceilin', marble on the floors
Beach inside the window, peekin' out the window
Baby in the pool, godfather goals
Only Lord knows I've been goin' hammer
Dodgin' paparazzi, freakin' through the cameras
Eat at Four Daughters, Brock wearin' sandals
Yoga on a Monday, stretchin' to Nirvana
Watchin' all the snakes, curvin' all the fakes
Phone never on, I don't conversate
I don't compromise, I just penetrate
Sex, money, murder—these are the breaks
These are the times, level number 9
Look up in the sky, 10 is on the way
Sentence on the way, killings on the way
Motherfucker, I got winners on the way
You ain't shit without a body on your belt
You ain't shit without a ticket on your plate
You ain't sick enough to pull it on yourself
You ain't rich enough to hit the lot and skate
Tell me when destruction gonna be my fate
Gonna be your fate, gonna be our faith
Peace to the world, let it rotate
Sex, money, murder—our DNA

[Video Outro]

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