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Sometimes mp3 indir

: Sometimes
: 927 indirme.
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: 3.48 MB
: 7 Şubat 2018 Çarşamba günü eklendi.

10 üzerinden 8 puan. 3 kişi puan verdi.

Rating: 8 out of 10
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Ariana Grande / Sometimes Yorumları.

    “I ain’t even think of leaving sometimes,I ain’t even think of letting go” ❤️?

  2. FA YE

    ?.*+?.*×+.*+? i n l o v e to my future-me.. this is one of the best&powerful songs u ever listened to and this masterpiece means so much to u atm. I hope u can smile when u reading this& remember the old times. please..don't.give.up... and stay always positiv. I l o v e y o u || D .*~×.*+.*~×+.~.*+.~.*+ -F

  3. FA YE


  4. Payton's Cloudy channel

    yo the dangerous woman album is like a punch in the face cuz it always got me tearing up and then my mom thinks someone at school was being mean to me but really its the way the song is it makes me emotional like x10000

  5. griffin

    "sometimes" "every day" and "everytime"

  6. FA YE

    so gooood

  7. Boglárka Tirpák

    Why is so underrated???? This is one of her best songs?❤️

  8. FA YE


  9. SweetenerMoonlight

    Sometimes Greedy Touch It Knew Better/Forever Boy deserved so much better

  10. hee hee

    underrated. its 2019 and i never heard this. wow. im dissapointed in myself.

  11. rainie bxtch

    One of the best bridges from her songs

  12. bhsbass

    Came here because of nelly mashup

  13. MP3 320 Kbps Best Quality

    *Saturday, Nov 9 2019* Listening to: *Ariana Grande - Sometimes* People: are you not working? *Me: SOMETIMES* ??

  14. מעיין ראש

    This fake!! is not Arianna's user?

  15. tvd edits

    tUrtLeS on mY mInd.

  16. Modest Feran

    Dangerous Woman: Sometimes Sweetener: Everytime

  17. Nasas Deception

    Still Knockin 2019

  18. Nasas Deception

    I ain’t even think of letting go ?

  19. tylerbadd25ify


  20. Ira Dixit

    this song will never not be one of my favorites. and its three years later.

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