Sanatçı AC/DC
Albüm The Best of AC/DC
Şarkı Thunderstruck
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Tarih 2 Aralık 2018 , Pazar günü eklendi.
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AC/DC / Thunderstruck Yorumları.
  1. Eksdi

    Who 2021?

  2. Tonya Browning

    I played this at work during closing... Made you look.... Nothing happened.

  3. VisualisationNation

    I loved the cello one

  4. Tamás László

    Best music

  5. Noah van Delft

    I showed this to my little birds Now they are all eagles

  6. Alexander Lozanov


  7. luci :v

    Estás mamadisimo

  8. Fernando RAMIREZ

    The song is so legend that the ad didn’t even interrupt it

  9. SimplyNOArtificialIntelligence

    Watch it at 2x the speed

  10. João

    RIP X-Force

  11. Nikolas UCHIA playz anim


  12. Ru2yaz

    I heard the USADA and VADA officially put this song as a performance enhancing drug...?

  13. 正辰廖

    You’ve been fucking thunderstruck!!!!

  14. Stefanie Giebels-Patten

    Bester song

  15. 1x4x9

    Just turned 99 and still listen to this, DAHHH think of something new !!!

  16. Darcy Moon

    Bye I’m gonna go jump off a building because I’ll never see them live💀

  17. Shaun Phillips


  18. Jarrett Backen

    I swear, if this ain’t playing at my funeral There’s going to be some serious problems... Nobody: Not a soul: Me at 3am while everyone is asleep: YOUVE BEEN THUNDER STRUCK

  19. Paracletus Revelation

    Great voice

  20. V a n i x

    700M Bois *1B here we come*

  21. Alexxx 777

    I am from Russia. At one time in '92 year i brought AC/DC tape in my school. During lesson of music we had listen Thunderstruck instead of Tchaikovskiy)

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