Sanatçı AC/DC
Albüm The Best of AC/DC
Şarkı Highway to Hell
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Tarih 2 Aralık 2018 , Pazar günü eklendi.
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AC/DC / Highway to Hell Yorumları.
  1. The Stealth

    Bon Scott had one of the best smiles !!!




    HELL F***king YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. flores lloyd

    this song gives me the sudden urge to kill someone by killing myself

  5. Yobadoba

    "Rock is dead" Then you can take the highway to hell

  6. Jonny Jr

    If you are italian( LE GALLINEEE CON LE SPINEEE

  7. zang zepp

    This song never old. .always fresh too listen . . .#ACDCforever

  8. CJ Navarro

    One of the best songs every written. These guys are truly a legend within their own right.

  9. kevin Roush

    it never gets old bra the 90's to much memories no evidence

  10. D3MICR0 dem

    Wow, now I want to kill myself and bring an unknown girl with me

  11. Sinister Playz

    Aaah I love that times my mom showed me this old songs, I recommend listening to this, its better then today's shit.

  12. paul james

    22k thumbs down,!! Are you deaf you sad people

  13. Rachael Ward

    Me: Plays the shit out of this song as loud as possible. Kids: “Oh man, Mums playing her oldie music again!” *MEGAMIND COMES OUT* Kids: “Mum! You gotta hear this cool song!”

  14. Rodney Rebello

    I want this as my funeral song 😂

  15. Gage Patterson

    i miss bon scot because he was a legened

  16. kivals 911

    Ооо привет)

  17. Szymon S

    jeden liże jeden śpi!

  18. Angelo Solemon Swartz

    The sage leads Dan and his readers through experiences and tests in the natural world, which demonstrate the power of spiritual laws of balance, choice, process, presence, compassion, faith, action, patience, surrender, and unity. As the sage relates, "These laws belong to all of us.

  19. Nicholas Ryan

    Bon Scott sounds like hes coming out of a marshall too!!!

  20. Visionary Gamer

    Who else found this band from watching Iron Man 2?

  21. bluejean190

    Teacher: Class we are going to Australia Girls: What are we going to do there? Boys:

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