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Şarkı Hells Bells
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AC/DC / Hells Bells Yorumları.
  1. Joe Daugherty

    Go angus

  2. Ken Harris

    Classic AC/DC at their best!

  3. el mismisimo

    The Best song of AcDc

  4. Cle Buf

    sunday school:dont go to hell AC/DC fans : "hell aint a bad place to be!"

  5. Musik Musik

    Junge das waren Zeiten. 💪💪

  6. John Mcaulay


  7. carsten9168

    Hells Bells blew my mind away as a kid 40 years ago and it is still blowing now ! Compare it to the garbage of rap, R&B and mindless dance shit now.

  8. Fin Jezze1


  9. Tammie D. Bryant

    without a doubt, one of the most badass intros to a song Best intro in rock and roll history Best intro in rock and roll history

  10. Sarah Galicia

    When music from almost 40 years ago is still better then the garage played these days No matter how old Angus gets, he’ll always be Young.

  11. Mayy Hatfield

    Legends ♥️🤘

  12. Ben Quinney

    Best band

  13. Lucille Antone

    Like ACDC 2020 🤙🤘🤘🤘👇🎸🎸🎸.... i should be studying for my exams but im listening to acdc. i should be studying for my exams but im listening to acdc.

  14. epic destroyer

    Me: is listening to ac dc my wifi: loads in the middle of the song HOLY MUSIC STOPS

  15. Gyula Laczkó

    Rip Malcolm young 👊😭 acdc my favorite band is not engough Scott and Johnson is also death poor angus now he dont have any brother this 3 death people are not death hes in us hearth rip 🎸🎸

  16. filippo grilli


  17. Waylon Slithers

    The more I listen the more I realise Zeppelin were a force, but not THIS! The Young bros hammering out them beats and time defying riffs accompanied by the hard bass lines and the epic vocals of Brian Johnson (R.I.P Bon Scott)

  18. dude average 99

    One of the best songs form THE BEST BAND EVER

  19. Keloonpa 58.6

    And now your Calgary FLAMES!!!!! 🔥

  20. Enrique Martinez

    AC/DC es el. Mejor ROK

  21. Єгор Резніченко

    4.1 thousands dislikes from popes

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