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Şarkı Lau Ma Al Mahaba
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A-WA / Lau Ma Al Mahaba Yorumları.
  1. noor abotalib

    تراث يمني قديم

  2. aziz aziz

  3. aziz aziz

    Nice song ,,but they take parts in the back ground from this old yeminite woman singing in the street c plz her video, she is singing about difference between life and death and how we will be forgotten after death.

  4. gina lagunes

    Y esta cumbia psicodélica ?? This band is awesome. Can’t stop listening to them. Love from Mexico

  5. 光希八雲


  6. Dr Kenneth Michael Beck

    A-WA is doing something. Something that affects all peace-loving, justice loving folks. Look at the Polish Swing movement, young people taking over the bands and instruments of those sewing only hate and injustice. Of course I am only a Lyft driver in Seattle, but love A-WA !!!

  7. Mourad BENALLAL


  8. soso


  9. emin tıkır

    you are amazing ! love your music and sound

  10. Karla Škorjanc

    Could somebody write the lyrics in latin letters please? Would appreciate it so much to learn how to sing it. Also what it the exact topic of the song?

  11. Taylor Carlson

    Wow. I can’t stop listening 😃

  12. Daniel M.

    Some ot he most beautiful singing and music I've ever heard. With subtitles and translation also, please? בבקשה, من فضلكم. תודה רבה. A great big thanks also to the musicians and other artists who made this video/audio recording possible and available to listen to on YouTube!

  13. The0ceanwave

    So beautiful please keep making music!!

  14. KaDe

    Salam from connect people! I love your music A WA 😘😍😍

  15. Kobi Moyall


  16. sergio m Mora

    Gracias por su bella música, saludos desde chile

  17. haamed hameed

    📂Documents └📁Music └📁yemen songs └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty - fatal error

  18. Logan Medow

    I swear, if not for love, Oh, you the son of the noble I would give you a final sip [And you would be] Not for me and not for the people I swear, if not for love The precious is cheapened, And brings you the sweet one down From your high home Not for me, and not for the people I swear, if not for the rumors of the people And the jealousy, I would take my loved one on my shoulders And set out away And my loved ones left me May they not be bestowed favorably They cut my wings Like they cut the wings of a bird Not for me, and not for the people

  19. Publoe Haleu

    Wow,,, i like it

  20. BrownLeaf

    So nice to read that people are kind to each other . Greeting! Enjoy the music and stay happy.

  21. Avram Davis

    This is a Yemenite Jewish group living in Israel. They speak Yemenite arabic from their family and of course Hebrew.

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