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Albüm Twilight Zone (1992)
Şarkı No Limit
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  1. Danny Wilcox

    Ach seufz, ich vermisse die 90er. Die Musik war eindeutig besser und selbst Rap (andere Lieder) war hörbarer, als der ganze Mist heutzutage. Eurodance war schon echt cool. Generell waren die 90er echt die beste Zeit

  2. Azhar Ali

    You cant beat some of the old tunes .from 1990 to 1996 they are good tunes.

  3. Mahkan Yazdani

    1:43.. I'm on the ass!?!?

  4. Clive Cox

    Techno! Techno! Techno!

  5. Eray Eren


  6. M.F. Luder

    Even that “rapper” is better at rapping than 99% of today’s so called rappers.

  7. IAmStreaker

    Soooo ein Feuerball JUNGE - BAAMMM

  8. BiG SMALL

    Yaya, Yaya Yaya Yaya Yaya Yaya Touré! Kolo kolo kolo, kolo kolo kolo Touré! x ever

  9. Beastman Review

    I've always wanted to see them live!!

  10. Abel Garcia

    Never knew her real name.. I jammed to their music but never knew their names.. And now that i can easily find out whom they are i wont cause i had a crush on her and her voice .. But my teenage years are treasured

  11. Fernando Busciglio

    -Let me hear you say "Yeeeahhh!!" -Wooooaaahh!! -No no, no no no no, no no that's not what I said....

  12. david rodriguez

    jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja 2020 y todavia se escucha si das PALO....

  13. Josema Italo

    Good song

  14. Serene Chaos UK

    Couldn't stand it in the 90s when all these mediocre teenybopper girls sang this (in a forced yank accent) and did THAT dance to it !

  15. Dummy Expert

    wat 'n Mafkezen

  16. G K


  17. Rewq Qwerty

    Хоссспади как это было охуеннно !!!! сегодня 10.2.2020

  18. Adrian CC

    This dance song sounds good even today!

  19. GTS Corsair

    Anybody from 3030?

  20. Kevin Tennant

    2,500 people listen to Celine Dion or Barry Manilow. You can't own this song unless you were dancing, drinking and having one hell of a party on the dance floor of a nightclub, p*ssed out of your mind and throwing up later in the parking lot.

  21. 9TxONE

    Ебати хитачката!

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