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Lovelyz mp3 indir

: Lovelyz
: 1771 indirme.
Haftalık Hit
: 1 Haftalık indirme.
: 2.83 MB
: 31 Ocak 2019 Perşembe günü eklendi.

10 üzerinden 7 puan. 13 kişi puan verdi.

Rating: 7 out of 10
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1theK / Lovelyz Yorumları.
  1. viviani triutami

    How could this only has 1.5M views

  2. chaejun

    stunning & underrated song

  3. 한연지


  4. pandamon514

    i miss lovelyz, we need a comeback

  5. MunHyun Song

    내가 알던 빵떡이가 없어졌다.

  6. 최고다최효정

    노래 진짜 좋다.

  7. Ninisw33t

    Can people not sleep on them please im tired of it they are so talented

  8. Balkis eri

    Mijoo is so beautiful T^T And this song is sooo underrated

  9. 양갈래_케이

    울림은 뮤비에 돈을 써라 이 쌉쌔기들아

  10. 유진영


  11. yj h

    뮤비에 정말 내용이 하나도 없네

  12. Feel FANCY

    How can someone hate on them??? I trully cant understand it ???

  13. Feel FANCY

    I really love this song ???

  14. OG_ Zen

    Still loving this song

  15. Becci Kinomoto

    *You are a Legend if you are still Listening this Song*

  16. 박기남

    논산 육군훈련소 28연대 연병장에서 울리던 그 노래

  17. 윤영미


  18. Jin J

    참 노래 좋다....러블리 하네 애들

  19. Lim Chyn

    Oh god, seriously I think mnet is kind of ruin their lovely voices in the queendom. As in the show, whether they are lip sync or using base voice(I really have no idea with the techniques nowadays) all their voices are like the same, making their performances not very special, like all are kei’s voice. Their mv however did a good job in portraying all their special voices and blend in in a harmony way. Indeed a nice song.

  20. 페페

    노래 진짜 좋은데 왜 흥행 못했을까

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