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Cherry Bullet mp3 indir

: Cherry Bullet
: 1979 indirme.
Haftalık Hit
: 2 Haftalık indirme.
: 3.99 MB
: 31 Ocak 2019 Perşembe günü eklendi.

10 üzerinden 9 puan. 18 kişi puan verdi.

Rating: 9 out of 10
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1theK / Cherry Bullet Yorumları.
  1. Việt Anh Nguyễn

    That D.va gun

  2. Samantha Cosgrow

    They didn't blew up like Everglow becouse they doesn't have a badass and repetitive concept like them. Not shading Everglow, but it's kinda obvious that they follow the trend... Cherry Bullet tried to do something different from what people nowadays like, and I love them for that. (Itzy has also a different concept from the classic badass girl crush concept)

  3. Eden

    Kokoro and linlin were my favorites :-( also said about mirae........dont know why their company would debut them just to not promote them at all :-(

  4. Fish N Cake / FNC

    Congratulation ??? Finally we hit *10M* (FNC+1TheK) Cherry Bullet Comeback song *Hands Up* reales _11th February_

  5. She's Capable

    My friend told me this group called cherry bullet amazingly covered a bts song, so I decided to watch and see for myself. She wasn't wrong, and im now in the process of stanning. Slowly but surely.

  6. AOA CherryBullet

    10m Congratulations CherryBullet

  7. DAMTOL담톨

    먼가..에이오에이 빙글뱅글 뮤비 생각난다ㅋㅋ

  8. Fish N Cake / FNC

    Almost 10M c'mon ? *9.997.121* (FNC +1TheK) _Cherry Bullet Comeback 11 February_

  9. R289 *11Feb#CHERRYBULLET_CB


  10. R289 *11Feb#CHERRYBULLET_CB


  11. R289 *11Feb#CHERRYBULLET_CB


  12. R289 *11Feb#CHERRYBULLET_CB


  13. R289 *11Feb#CHERRYBULLET_CB


  14. Kenzie Dumpling

    Haeyoon: Yuna. The girl that gets second place everytime during promotions, in terms of line distribution. She will have her moment sooner of later. Please don’t cut her hair like Yuna. Both of them need lengths. Bora: Choa, the main vocal girl. Apparently, i love Haeyoon’s voice more than her, but FNC named her the Choa girl despite Haeyoon having more range and vocal projection, and Haeyoon’s more famous than her, but i guess FNC knows best. Jiwon: Seolhyun. She will be the next Seolhyun. Her visual already standout during predebut performances. FNC needs to take care of her, unlike Mirae. She had enough, i guess. May: Hyejeong. The girl that should be the number one visual but there’s a girl that just is a little bit better (proportions wise). Seolhyun and Jiwon have the visuals that Koreans love, while May and Hyejeong would always come in second place. Remi: Chanmi. I see so much Chanmi in her. She will have the least amount of lines but theres hella potential in her. She can dance and seemingly rap. But she will be back up until who knows when. If LinLin left because she wanted to pursue education, then at least she gives hope to Remi in terms of getting better recognition when it was OT10. Yuju: Mina. This is a not so great similarity. They only had visuals in common. Yuju is treated better while Mina isn’t as lucky. Chaerin: Jimin. Actually on five girls share similarity while the last two aren’t so much. I miss Kokoro though.

  15. adam oilouch

    ugh i just wish Linlin can just come back after her studies ? like a temporary leave. she was my bias after all

  16. Yumiko Anime

    ( This is just for me but feel free to click on it) chorus- 3:23 Bora- 2:51

  17. Kwek

    Just found out about this grp Its epic

  18. Wensdai Covacha

    L think blackpink is there? On this video?

  19. deeem

    21k views more for 10m and live practice

  20. Yury Meza

    I love cherry bullet, i miss you ? ?

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